Sunday, April 5, 2015


Heyyyyaaa, Libby here. C:

I haven't used like the text faces for so long because I have been so used to using emojis, it feels so weird. 

Anywho, omg that's cringeee. ANYWAY, Woozworld had sent us a message (I don't know when but it say's 2 hours ago now so yeh.) 


Woozworld for android! Omgggg. I mean, I never use my android anymore as I finally have got an iPhone but I mean, this is still great! I don't actually use the Woozworld App because it lags but it will be better as most things are android.

Also, a fansite contest. That's us, ayeeee. ;)
I don't know maybe we'll enter? I'll have to check with Meme first. I wonder what it's about?

Also, because I love you. I'll be making a Woozworld instagram soon, so we can communicate and be even bigger online besties. :)

Okay, byeeee. xo

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