Friday, October 23, 2015

ABOUT ME, jasmie24668

Hi, jasmine24668 here, so I am new a blogger ( add me , I love making friends)  but I am not new in woozowrld , I actually had a account about 3 years ago but I didn't play in it for three years. So it got expired, so I made this new account and it took me one month to reach this level. So you might want to know something, so here are some facts about me:-
  • I love woozworld a lot!!
  • I am in my school basketball team
  • I love making new friends ( add me I accept all )
  • My fav and lucky number is 8 ( cuz its my B'day)
  • My fav color is BLUE AND JADE
  • My friends say that i am crazy!!
  • I will post about tips and tricks and more!!
  • I will post on Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • I love One direction
  • I like reading, singing and having fun!
 I hope that give you a little information about me!
Peace out!!! :)
Xoxoxo jasmine24668 

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