Thursday, October 22, 2015

Introducing PJacksonlove!

Hey guys! I'm the new trial blogger here! You can call me PJ, as most people on Woozworld do. Here are some facts about me!

  1. I really love to read (hence my username)
  2. I've been playing Woozworld for three years
  3. I've never been hacked or been VIP
  4. I love to make friends on Woozworld, I've meet one of my closest friends through it
  5. My favorite WoozBand is Mya 
  6. I love to make new Woozworld outfits
  7. I'm really bad at saving Beex, but good at saving Wooz.
So those are a few things about me! You'll see my next post pretty soon! I think I'm going to play some Woozworld now ;)

Signing off,

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