Thursday, October 22, 2015

Star Is Here! Lets Find Minty

Star Is Here! In The Last Post I Told You Minty Is Lost D:  My Elephant Is Lost Help Omg. So Ill Show You The Picture of her:

There Thats Minty D': I Hope She's Okay
You Guys Will Help Me Though =3=
So We Are Going To Do Some Investigating
1. Minty LOVES Peanuts
2.Minty Also loves me B)
3.Minty LOOKS Like Me
4.Minty LOVES Anime =3=
5.Minty LOVES To Hide
6.Minty LOVES A Nice Shady Place

Thats All I Know Omg! I Hope She's Okay :(

This Is Up To You Guys! Help Me Find Minty D': Bye -StarLightForever

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