Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hello There!

Hi guys! Im Angalea, a woozen on trial. You can call me Angel too.  I'll try to post anytime I can. I will be posting any WoozNews that woozens might have missed in the last week. I know you woozens couldn't have missed the Zombeardtosis that is going around. Woozarazzi has claimed that there is a cure! It contains rare items:

               -Slime From Albino Toads
               -Sun Melted Chockoliens
               -The Head Of A Rare Purple Mushroom
               -Ground Up Rainbow Gems (which gives the cure its beautiful color)
               -Shed Hair From Golden Yetiz

  I haven't tried this yet, so i hope it works for you guys!

         Good bye for now,


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