Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Some Wooz News

Hello again! It's me, Angalea:) So today, the zombies of woozworld are either not caring about they're deadly look, or they are complaining about they're deadly look. If you didn't know, many people are quitting because of the Zombeardtosis. Don't quit because your a zombie, it'll go away soon.

   So in recent news, the Pretty Little Mystery of WoozWorld was solved. The question was: who kidnapped GoodOldWooz? Well, we have an answer to that. But first, here are all the people who could have committed the crime:

 Janitor Beex
Lady Wooz
Professor Preztige

  Those were all the people who could have committed the crime, but only one person could.

         Mrs.Neon. Here's some information about her. She was created by ZeenaWooz in the future, she is WoozWorld high's cafeteria lady, and lastly, she looks evil and creepy.

      Get cured and stay safe woozens!
Good Bye for now,


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