Friday, November 21, 2014

*Crazy Updates*Shay's Fashion Statements*

Hey lovely's, so I got a few updates for you! Then after an outfit review. Let's begin this exciting things! First updates, then the review ;)!

The first update is about Babiz! Create a babiz unit and submit it. Use things in the shopz or things you already won! Make it fun and YOU HAVE FUN with it. It doesn't matter if you win or loose it maters if you have fun! :)

The second update is about supermodels and celebrities stepping on the catwalk with their babiz. This weekend.. buy your babiz and get the new outfits. #OnPoint!

Lastly the new outfits! YAYAYAY! Congrats to everyone who entered. If you tried it sure was fun.. I should know lol! So yeah congrats to the creators and don't forget to post a Thanks, or great job or something nice on their woozen! (:

So have fun, and support them for their hard work! Now let's do an outfit review! (: So yeah.. Stay tuned for nowwwwww!

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Haha, so random..... ehhhhh i'm actually watching South Beach Tow and I'm laughing so yeahhhhhhhhhhh (;!!!!!!! Back to the post...
"THIS IS A DISATER" -Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

So I'll just like show you Jay and Mya's outfits... because I forgot to crop out Jenny's and I have Max's but it would be awkward if I did 2 boys and a guy outfit.. but ya know its the same anyways. So yeah.

Hair: I like the hair and all.. but it really really really looks like the fringe braid.. I feel like she took the hair and changed it into a cuter version and I like it.
Dress: The dress is super cute. I enjoy looking at it but the whole fishnet and belt.. and the flowing bottom just don't look good together in my opinion. I think some things could change but it looks original.
Shoes: I like the shoes. How crazy they are is just super weird.. and cute. So yeah.
Overall: This outfit is.. eh okay. 7/10

Hair: I like the hair. It's spiky and fashionable. So yeah, it's cute! 
Top: I like how the collar is put upward. The tie and the stripe thing look nice on it. I like it.
Pants: I love the pants. How they fit together is cute. I think I would def wear them haha!
Shoes: They are kind of basic, but I like it haha. It just seems so... boring...
Overall: This outfit is nice, and super "fetch" (Yes, I am making FETCH happen, don't listen to Regina.) So yeah i like it. 9/10

So overall, these outfits are cute! I like them. But I mean we can all design better things compared to it. Hope you all have an amazing weekend and kisses and hugs to you! XoXo 

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