Tuesday, November 25, 2014

*Santa's Robots and Logan*

Hey my lovely's! So basically, there is going to an electmas?!!?! So this may be some confusion to you.. but basically Santa wants to spend time with his wife in Hawaii! Here is the letter:

Aloha Woozens,
Ho ho ho! I send you my dear wishes from this lovely beach resort that I’ve retreated to for a long overduevacation. My elves have been telling me that I need to spend some quality time with Mrs. Claus for once! As you know, the past few Woozmases have been a tad stressful with that naughty KountVonKlokz trying to steal the season’s joy, but luckily with your support and Woozmas spirit, he’s good ol’ ZackWooz once again! So I’ve decided it’s time for me to take a little break. I hear you asking, “Who will make the list and check it twice? Who will know who’s naughty or nice?”Ho ho ho!
This year I’ve asked four friends to step in and help out. These would-be Santas come from different places and times in Woozworld, so they all have a different idea of Woozmas. Once you’ve met all four, it’s up to you to decide which one to support! I’m calling it “Electmas” (see what I did there? Ho ho ho!).
Over the next few days, the four candidates will be introducing themselves so you can see if their idea of Woozmas matches yours!
In the meantime, enjoy this selfie I took with Rudolf! His nose is still red – from sunburn! Ho ho ho!

Merry Woozmas and Happy New Year!

Yay for him, right? So He has been making I think 4 little robots to do the jobs for him. He will have the four friends from different times and places come around. So far we have all seen, I hope interim SantaX1, here is a picture of the santa thing. xD. (He is from 3015) He wants to do some off santa's work, but I have a fear that KountVonKlokz will have something to do with this to mess up Woozmas.

Here is what he has to say about this all: (Video if you would rather hear what he says instead)..
What is your idea of a perfect Woozmas?
Technology. It is proven that artificial intelligence can compute and execute actions 1 tribillion times faster than a Woozen. H0 H0 H0, that is what you Woozens call a “joke.” But really, in 3015 technology governs every aspect of Woozmas. The tree is a hologram that cannot be destroyed by Babiz. The plasma fireplaces give off heat and scent but cannot burn down your Unitz. At dinner, a food condenser turns your Woozmas meal into pill tablets – don’t worry, you can still taste everything. It’s what you Woozens call, magical. That is a perfect Woozmas.
How do you deliver presents?
Teleportation. I move 50x faster than the speed of Woozen sound. H0 H0 H0. I am faster than Rudolf and those other reindeer. I beat them at their reindeer games too.
Why should Woozens choose you?
The future is now. It cannot be prevented. I bring you a form of Woozwas that your Woozen brains can process. Woozmas should not be about expensive or cheaply-made products that break the first time you use them. Woozmas should be about caring and being thankful with your family, not partying irresponsibly on a beach. H0 H0 H0."
Here is a video for you all:
Now here we have Logan!
What is your idea of a perfect Woozmas?
OMG, I’d totally spend a gorgeous day surfing, hanging out with my closest friends and family, and then gathering around the Woozmas palm tree for an awesome beach bonfire as the sun sets. I always cook up a gnarly fruitarian feast, and sometimes we give presents – or we just share good vibes. It like totally rocks!
How do you deliver presents?
By water, duh! As a surf expert, I’m totally psyched to cruise the globe delivering gifts, just me and my trusty longboard. From the Amazonian jungles to the canals of Venice, I can handle anything! Of course, surfing isn’t the fastest way to get around, but you know people should, like, take a chill pill if their presents are a couple days late. We’re all here to chill and be together, ya know?
Why should Woozens choose you?
Like, I can promise Woozens the warmest, most relaxed Woozmas of their lives! People get too stressed out by Woozmas these days, trying to match the right colors of some like party or whatever, having the latest gadgets, or saving Wooz, when all you need is some righteous Woozmas spirit. I’m just stoked to offer Woozens a really totally awesome holiday. Like, oh, em, gee, Merry Woozmas!
Also here is a new video about a "Logan." So watch it!

What do you think about the new woozmas? I find it... annoying. I want Santa, and I already see a disaster. This is not fetch what so ever. (I sound like a 6 year-old-kid, oops) But seriously. We will see what happens from here. From then on by my loves, Happy Thanksgiving soon! xoxo

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