Monday, November 24, 2014

*Shay's Fashion Statements*

Hey my lovely's! So here is another post. To start off the boring Monday I wanna do this. (I have no school after Tuesday night, tysvm) So here we go, these are just going to be some fall outfits since I don't think I did them and with it still being fall just for like 5 more days or less or more I decided to do fall. Let's finally begin xD. (Btw, I had to use the app for these pictures.. I still haven't got my new computer.. 

Hair: Spar Hair
Top: Classiz' Gfz' Wool Shirt and Scarf
Bottoms: Slim Jeans
Shoes: Asian Lovely Cute Slippers

Okay, I chose this for one of the outfits, because it's kind of the classic "tumblr" inspired kind of look.. The Spar hair up high in a bun with a piece of hair on both sides reminds me def of something I wear personally. Then the sweater and scarf is perfect for fall. It's the sweater weather must have. It looks cute. The pants are something that looks comfy and natural and not to crazy. Just the plain print looks great. The shoes are something I was really iffy about. I chose them because the little cutie animal looked great with the whole outfit. 

Hair: rebellion
Top:mali modern blouse
Bottoms: Fashionista alter ego skirt
Shoes: arctic feast 2013 socks and boots

So this outfit looked a little different to me. I was just inspired to do like an over coat with the fashionista alter ego skirt but I thought why not just a simple blouse to go with it instead. And it turned out to be pretty cute. Then the shoes I was like ehh.. but I wanted to add a boot that you didn't see most woozens wearing.. and tbh it goes well together. The hair is obviously just another typical girl wooden thing but it completes the look. 

Hair: Long yeti bomber hair
Top: Yeti bomber jacket
Bottom: sweet miWorld skinny jeans
Shoes: party all night mosoccasins

For this look, I went into the winter look. I wanted to mae a outfit that took to things from another outfit and combine it with other things. It looks pretty what someone would wear outside if it's cold where you are. Not much to this outfit but it's just a little cute look.

Hair: Cute fall bangs with beanie
Top: Tribal patterned hoodie
Bottoms: Plain leggings
Shoes: Bling king sneakers

This outfit I wanted to go for some street punk outfit kind of thing. I like how the beanie goes with the hair. And the tribal sweatshirt and leggings with the sneakers looks great together. So yeah.

So those are some outfits.. Now I will show you some other outfits I did before the blog restated, just for more ideas.

Well that's it, So yeah. If you have any questions about the Outfits above email me or comment to me.   (Email @ Click the link) 
So I hope you all have a fantastic day/night/morning! Love and kisses. XoXo

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