Sunday, November 23, 2014

*Tips in Woozworld*

Hey lovely's, so since it's Sunday I just wanted to post a few things that will help you around woozworld.  The first tips are on leveling up. Especially if your new or if you just take forever to level up. Most people already reach level 50 from what I have seen but many people haven't so this should be helpful to some of you.

1.) Try the preztige area. There are little tutorials that will give you points.
2.) Try voting. Voting gives you points.. but now with the update if someone votes you, you don't really get any money.. but preztige points can be better.
3.) Click on collectible. They may lower your energy.. but it's worth it.
4.) Do the little quests on the left side of the screen, if there are any you haven't done or new ones.
5.) Taking pictures. If your lonely, or with a bff why don't you take pictures.
6.) Play/Feed/Wash your Woozpetz. Take responsibility and you get back for it.
7.) Do Spellz jobs.

So those are some of the ways to try and level up. Now I will kind of tell you how to get as many beex as possible, since beex are the new thing lately. 

1.) Host some games. (Color games, theme games/twin games, running games, spinning games, etc; or even create your own.) Have people play and if they get out ask them to trade, buy, or out. Then you either get more clothes (in my next tips) or you get beex. Make sure to make people buy if they want to play if you already started.
2.) Play other peoples games, some people have prizes that are beex.
3.) Level up. It helps you earn both beex and wooz.
4.) Make a shop and sell your unwanted. By selling that stuff you can make a nice profit out of it. Let's say you bought 2 pairs of zombie legs and accidentally made them both blue and white, just sell one around like 2000-9999 beex.
5.) Collect books. There is a little book thing in your inventory and collecting them all gets you like 5,000 beex and so on. So if you need beex, collect books.
6.) Do old quests. Some old quests give you beex or maybe a little item, but try them and you can find answers for them all over youtube, so be sure to look for them.
7.) Create some accounts and move the beex to your original account. (That's what I do all the time.)
8.) Complete achievements. They help you earn preztige and earn beex.

Those are some ways to earn beex, now are some ways to get a lot of clothes if you feel like you don't have much.

1.) Play games other people host. You can win clothing.
2.) Have a game, and many people like to trade when they get out, and make sure they trade "rich" because some people are picky..
3.) Trade Centers. They are a great way to get clothing. Especially if you have something rare, maybe you have too of them, so therefore trade it and you could get tons for it.
4.) Do Mya's shopping bag quest. You get clothes for all the bags. Here are were you can find them if you don't want the hassle of looking for them: Surface, Mountain, iVibe Centralz 1, Booya, Rookie Quests, OMZ,Coconut Groove, Woozworld Plaza, Park, and the Fair Chamber.
5.) Spend beex, marketplace is either the best or worse place to go. You could find things you really like for even 100 beex, so try it out.
6.) Go to free times.

So, here are just some things for new woozens now. If you are having trouble, and you must have got rejected by many woozens, because some of the good ones are always hidden by the meanest woozens.

1.) Don't ask for things.. because some woozens are really mean when it comes to asking for things like furni/clothing, because all the generous people kind of disappeared. Just go to free times, or sometimes they have free for "poor."
2.) Try reading this blog, frequent (; cause we have all the latest news and you wanna stay up to date.
3.) Don't be mean, we need generous people. Many of the most famous woozens are quite snobby and you don't need to turn out like them especially if people like to gossip in woozworld.
4.) Don't use your beex as soon as you get on.. try saving up and buying things that you know you would love. Create an outfit, have it in mind, then once you have enough buy it and a few more outfits too.
5.) Make sure to make friends you know won't use you. If I were you, every time a "friend" asked for something, say, "No, I am so sorry, I just... (like it to much, don't have it..etc.)" They should understand and if they don't.. it wasn't meant to be xD.
6.) Use some of the faces other woozens use, just to kind of fit in.. like (xD=lmao, -.- = seriously in like a sarcastic mean way, .-. = are you kidding or other meanings, and etc.) 
7.) If I were you try entering in the Woozguide, make an essay on why. You can find that in Help, and there should be a woozguide unit.

So that is all for now, tomorrow is *Shay's Fashion Statements* and I got my outfits all ready,  they won't be very wintery, but as well as fall too hey just need some editing to make them one whole picture for each outfit. So yeah, have a fantastic morning/day/night whenever time it is where you are. Hope you all have a lovely time, and learned a few things you didn't know much about. XoXo.                                         -Shay

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