Saturday, April 11, 2015


Helloooo, Libby here. :)

Today I wanted to give you some tips on how to avoid getting scammed. It is often your own fault for getting scammed, as your the one who has allowed it to happen.

If you trade someone, and they repeatedly click confirm, then remove the item you wanted and add a poor one instead then uncomfirm.

If someone asks to borrow an item, say NO. As you will most likely never get the item back.

If someone says their going to give you free after you give them something. DON'T. Whether it's true or not, do not risk losing your items.

If someone asks you to put down something free don't do it.

If someone asks you to anything first. DON'T. Always let them go first, or if anything TRADE. As trading is always safer as everythings done at the same time.

If someone says they'll buy something off you if you give them something, then don't bother. If their going to buy something off you, then they might as well buy the item your giving them in the beginning otherwise you know it's definitely a scam.

It's always fun to play games, but don't always expect to get the prize as you don't know if you'll ever recieve it. If you lose and have to buy, trade or out then say out as their is plenty more games to join in. Unless of course, the person takes anything.

Now, that's only a few tips and I hope they helped.

Also, here's my new sign off. :)

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