Friday, April 10, 2015

Woozworld News!

                                          Haii Crazers!

Haii Crazers! <3 Razzy here. Today, im gonna give you a little overview about the things/events/new items in Woozworld! ;) 

Firstly, Something that all Android device owner Woozens are waiting for... ANDROID APP! It's launching this month (April) That means it's quite soon. I hope you are excited for the Sweet app. Atleast i know, i am!
Woozworld gave a chance to Woozens to guess the launch date. You had time until yesterday 9th of April. Im excited! ;)

Also, Woozworld added a new Poll where you can Enter you're Blog to get to go to a special Android party ;) For more info be sure to check Woozworld news! WEEE :) 
I think it's awesome that Woozworld let's Woozens be involved with the app. As guessing the Launch date and entering you're blog to go to a special Android party!
Oh and don't forget the new Outfits ;) I will be giving opinions about all of the new item doe, Alexis already did it im still gonna do it since our opinions are different! ;)

Dahlia outfit:
Hair: I Love everything about it! In the front the sassy bangs. And the other side the fabulous clipping.And i think the clip in the back is fantastic!The hair falls nicely in the front and back. Nothing bad to say about it! 10/10!
Dress: I love that it's a nice simple and a plain dress the the sass of the geometric lace! The lace gives it a nice pop. I really lie the pattern of the lace. I also like how the lace is in the upper part of the dress and the trim on the bottom.I would buy it! But i think it should have a tiny bit more of the lace. so 9,5/10
Skirt:I like the skirt but it isn't quite visible. But i like it on it's on doe, it's a little too long for me. 8/10
Shoes: I like them! They don't quite match with the outfit due to the ruffles i think the geometric print lace would have looked a lil' better. 7/10
Overall i would buy the outfit! 9/10

Laurel outfit:
Hair: I like the bun, doe Woozworld has something quite similar already, but i like it's update.I maybe would liked it 0,01% better without the middle parting, but i quite like the hair overall! 9,5/10
Top: I loove it! Nice to wear with almost EVERYTHING! Nicely detailed! 10/10!
Shorts: I really like Floral things so i love the shorts! Different cut than the other shorts Woozworld has! Doe i think the flowers should be colorable but that doesn't change my opinion! 10/10!
Shoes: Quite classic flats.. WHAT I LIKE! ;) I like that they are soft edged. The pattern is nice and gives it a pop of color and a little more personality! 9,5/10!
Overall i would TOTALY  buy the outfit 10/10!

Snapdragon outfit: 
Hair: I like the hair but it's kinda similar to a hair that already exists! Buti still like it! Doe im not good in reviewing boy clothing since i don't wear them i would still give the hair 7/10!
Sweater: I like the pattern gives the plain sweater more personality and a good pop of color. Looks springy to me. I also like the pocket! 10/10!
Shorts: I like them, quite plain but it's good since it goes with everything! 7/10
Shoes:Plain sneakers i like em doe! 6/10
Overall i like it. 8/10
Nightshade outfit:

Hair: I like it. Looks fresh and springysh! Maybe a little messy but who cares. 8/10
Shirt: I like the pattern and the tattoo, I like when girl and boy outfits have something similar.I really like it! 10/10!
Shorts: I realy like them since it reminds me of sweatpants+shorts. It's Modern and awesome. 10/10.
Shoes: Nice sneakers. Nice pattern gives it color. 8/10.
Overall i like it! 9/10




                           That's all for now! See you in my next post Crazers! -razpuntsel

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